Time is Not Money

Throughout our lifetime we‘ve grown up believing the cliche phrase “time is money.”  The phrase basically means that if we don’t spend all the time we’re given in life to work and achieve goals in the future, we are—in effect—wasting the profit that we could be making. But in reality if we lose all of our money, then time is all that we have left to cherish. And unlike money, we cannot make our valuable time back. Understanding that time is one of the most significant tools on earth is truly a blessing and if we manage it properly, then we can achieve those long-lived dreams.

Another powerful message is that, “time exposes us for who we really are.” Only time can tell us who we’ve truly grown to become and nothing can change that. Those idea(s) that are always in your head waiting for you to take advantage of, it’s only a matter of time before you can’t go after it and live with the regret. So manage your time wisely and the wealth will come, always keep that in mind.

Safe vs. Great

Almost 99% of people are happy with being safe while the other 1% is destined on being great. Now while there is nothing wrong with either decisions, there’s so much more to live for while being great (at what you love). Taking the safe route limits you to a certain extent. In other words, you’ll have another individual (in a more prestigious position) telling you what to do, being on their time and following their rules. And while some people may be satisfied with that, also understand that you were put on this earth to live your fullest potential and be your own boss, not to answer to the next man or woman for forever. This is where the ability of sacrifice comes into play and trust us…it ain’t easy.

With sacrifice comes greatness. Everybody understands that when your trying to be great at something, you can’t make time for everyone and everything. You have to key in on those specific check-points you accrue over time to see the bigger picture. Being great means spending A LOT of time alone figuring out yourself and developing as both a person and an idealist. It’ll all payoff in long run and then you’ll finally realize why being great is better than being safe.  

Renting Your Entrepreneurship

A lot of entrepreneurs have been growing in the 21st century and that right there my friend’s is a wonderful sign for you to pursue your dream as soon as possible. But at the same time people are very quick to “rent their entrepreneurship” or in other words, put a ‘fancy’ title next to their name. First there’s ‘entrepreneurship’ and then there is successful entrepreneurship.’ In the beginning stage, focus heavily on getting your company to remain consistent on a daily basis and displaying the quality of your content to your audience. Rather than immediately calling yourself a CEO which isn’t going to make you famous overnight. Anyone can be a CEO, but not everybody can make their business last for eternity and that should be the first and last thing to worry about, than a decorative heading.

Allow yourself to have a title when your known nationwide, until then grind each given day and create the best ideas your imagination desires. More importantly our team believes a nickname generated by your audience is much more meaningful than a cliche term from the dictionary. So please remove that fancy term from your bids and focus on what really matters which is the ‘process’ and the ‘results’.  

Tortoise Wins the Race

“The tortoise always win’s the race.” - Gary Vee

This week we are focusing on why being the tortoise in the race is actually better than being the hare. This topic is very important in business terms because a lot of independent entrepreneurs focus on staying up-to-date with the entire fashion industry. Due to the tactic of being the hare, it gets very stressing and exhausting and when you don’t have a full team to help w/ ideas and insights. That’s why it is very important to take your time w/ everything and create your own wave to surf on.

Society always brought negativity to the tortoise when in reality it’s the exact opposite. Using your tome wisely brings out more creativity in your projects and always presents a better end-result thats more satisfying. This is the exact reason why the tortoise always wins the race because you are giving your full attention to the one thing that you are willing to get accomplished. Rather than rushing and trying to complete multiple task at once. So during your next project give yourself a sufficient amount of time for your deadline and begin taking your time to complete each task until the last checkpoint and compare your next project with your prior ones to see if the turnout is better.  

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