Blissfully Dissatisfied

This week we would like to focus on being ‘blissfully dissatisfied.’ While watching an interview starring Ed Mylett, he speaks several truthful statements that resonates throughout his life and believes that everyone who’s ‘struggling’ should key in on these factors as well. Ed explains, “…if I bite into a big piece of steak, it’s like complete bliss. Now that blissful moment causes you to want more of it…because like steak, it causes us to want the next bite and become hungrier.” It’s very important to live in a state of being grateful and blissful now, instead of waiting in the near future for a blissful moment that may never arise.

Your bliss is your life’s purpose. Being blissfully dissatisfied relates to being 80/20. 80% = enjoying your pursuit of happiness, 20% = pushing yourself to the next level. Once we encrypt that logic into our life, we will forever be motivated to complete major checkpoints. And remember that it’s important that we celebrate our wins because they mean just as much as the hard-work  it took to get there.

Identity & Values

This week we would like to key in on identity and values. Our values inform our thoughts, words and actions. Furthermore they are the essence of who we are. We use values to measure right and wrong, to control what we choose to do and to prioritize things that are important to us. Understanding that we value creativity and passion, may help us realize we would be happier doing a job that allowed us to be innovative and nourish our passion or creating our own job that no one will limit our creativity on. During meet-and-greets when we ask individuals, “What do you do?” were simply trying to figure out what their importance is on this earth. The fact that this question comes out quickly indicates how highly we rate work in our culture and how closely we identify ourselves with what we do.

Next is identity.  A clear sense of “who you are” makes it easier to connect with other similar people and groups. People with a strong identity often stand out more and are more memorable. In addition, identity helps us make decisions and teaches us how to behave. Having a sense of what kind of person you are allows you to have confidence in your choices and it allows you to accept who you truly are. So always keep these two principals in mind and get to know yourself better as you take a journey through life.

Uncertainty is Entrepreneurship

“”The difference between being an employee and being an entrepreneur is that entrepreneurs take on uncertainty.” - Drew Houston

This week we are focusing on the term ‘uncertainty’. What does uncertainty actually mean? Well you just answered your own question there. But what comes with uncertainty comes great positive power. To explain, the process of uncertainty is called life. It’s what keeps things interesting, engaging, and fulfilling. None of us knows where tomorrow may take us since it is never promised, so this day-by-day drive to reach an uncertain success keeps us motivated and up at night. If we all knew we would become successful in our twenties or thirties then we can guarantee that nobody would put in the countless hours to fulfill their dreams as quickly as possible. We have to step through the phase of uncertainty to create something bigger in our life.

Uncertainty leads to three key topics; breakthroughs, confidence and growth. To begin, breakthroughs are normally discovered when we step out of our comfort zones. Furthermore this build’s up thoughts in our mind since we aren’t 100% aware of what’s next, which should ultimately drive you to keep pushing.Secondly, it builds our confidence up! When you successfully move through challenging periods such as starting your own company, changing careers, losing weight, or taking on a new project, you gain one more data point and prove to yourself that you can do it. And lastly is growth. All achievers and entrepreneurs have to move through uncertainty to continue to grow. Save some money, move to a different city, meet new people, explore environments and learn along the way. Become comfortable with uncertainty.

Environmental Thinking

“Does your thinking create your environment or does your environment create your thinking.” -  Melissa Chu

This week we would like to focus on how our environment impacts us. Every day, we face tons of options. They bombard us from when we get out of bed to what we should do next. Some of these choices are tough. Others require patience and dedication. And then, there are the tempting choices that we try to resist. Like any other cautionary tale, we end up falling prey to certain choices because of the environmental cues around us. Environmental cues are the objects in our surroundings that trigger certain thoughts and desires, causing us to behave in certain ways. 

People, objects and our environment are our everyday reference guides on how we should act and respond to every decision we make throughout our daily activities. The reason behind this behavior is that humans are naturally cognitive misers. Meaning we value our mental processing resources, so we try to find easier ways to navigate around our world. We must begin to design our surroundings to make good choices. Having an environment that only has desirable choices constricts you to do what’s important for yourself. So if you want to work on improving your habits, take a look around yourself and see how you can make it more convenient. Take care.

Ambivalent Relationships

“…ambivalent relationships are the most dangerous ones because you don’t know when to let go.” - Vanessa Van Edwards

This week we are focusing on ambivalent relationships. Ambivalence occurs in relationships when there is a coexistence of opposing emotions and desires towards the other person that creates an uncertainty about being in the relationship. This uncertainty can cause a huge drainage in your daily choices if you don’t execute on releasing the individual(s) from your circle immediately. While watching an interview starring Vanessa Van Edwards, she states, “…ambivalent relationships are the most dangerous ones because you don’t know when to let go.” Since it’s difficult to choose between separating yourself or keeping the bond, your ‘friend-nemy’ can then continue to remain around and prevent you from having a healthy lifestyle.

That unhealthy lifestyle can then limit your ability to perform at a high rate because all of your energy is being placed on that matter. Understand that this is completely different from ‘toxic’ relationships since they are easier to pluck out. But with ambivalence, your mind wanders for hours, distracting you from more important decisions throughout your daily activities. Always remain on track to prosper and create fruitful relationships to exceed in life.

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