Change Yourself, Not the World

This week we would like to focus on “changing yourself and not the world.” While listening to podcast by Erik Fisher, he interviews the entrepreneur Robert Plotkin on the ‘Benefits and Distractions of Technology for Productivity.’ Robert blatantly states this point about changing ourselves for the better. Everyone has an opinion on what is wrong with the world, yet few will do the work to improve their own lives. If you want to change reality start with yourself first and attend to your own personal development. In doing so, problems give way to solutions and no longer affect you. This allows us to progress in life both gradually and healthy to then make our presence a statement in this world.

It makes sense to work on yourself so that outside conditions no longer affect you as they once did. This is the key to enlightenment, raising your level of consciousness so you transcend problems with a higher awareness. This day in age, our world changes rapidly in the blink of an eye, so focusing on re-inventing the wheel will have you trying to catch to everyone. We are all born onto earth with a will to create and enrich both ourselves and our peers. So the next time you complain or think that the world is against you, understand that shit happens and continue to enjoy life.

Deliberate Practice

This week we are focusing on “deliberate” practice. Most people practice by mindlessly repeating an activity over and over without any clear goal of what they want to accomplish.  For example, let’s say a man wants to improve his golf game. If he’s like most men, he’ll just go to the driving range and hit a couple buckets of balls without thinking much about specific ways he can improve his swing. Three hundred balls later, this man hasn’t improved at all. Whereas instead of just going to the driving range to mindlessly hit golf balls, break down your golf swing into different deliberate elements – body alignment, club-face alignment, grip, back swing, down swing, etc. This way, you can begin to see signs of improvement from every aspect, rather than doing it all at once.

Deliberate practice is designed with clear objectives and goals. And carrying out practice sessions in this deliberate fashion is a skill that takes time to develop. More importantly having a mentor help you design your practice sessions can be invaluable. They have the knowledge and expertise to break your skill down into specific elements. Mentors can also see you in ways you can’t see yourself and can direct you to focus on the elements that you need to work on most. Whether you have a mentor or not, wonder through life using your time wisely to improve your craftbecause focusing on precision is worthwhile in the long run.


This week we would like to focus on “magic.” While listening to a podcast by Matthew Bivens, he always states in his introductions, “Magic is when we inspire ourselves, other people or life itself to do amazing things.” And what Mr. Bivens means by this is that magic is a form of manifestation. We perform magic every day throughout our 24 hours by our thoughts and our actions, yet none of us realize it. When we inspire ourselves by reading, listening or watching something valuable, magic takes place that then allows us to manifest our creativity into the world. Most of us vision magic as something that is so called “fake”, but if we really bring the Law of Attraction into play then is it really fake or real?

When we inspire others and give them the information to do amazing things, that act of magic will bring us great rewards. Performing positive actions will attract positive energy which will then create positive opportunities. From now on, look at life as magical experiences that will randomly place in certain areas that are meant to carve out the life that you desire. And never take magic for granted again.

Surrender to Feedback

This week we would like to focus on feedback, otherwise known as constructive criticism. While listening to the “Having It A.L.L” podcast by Matthew Bivens, he simply states, “Feedback is simply information, its not good, bad, right or wrong. Now there is healthy and unhealthy feedback, but that’s more to do with you and the person who is delivering the feedback. And less about what the feedback is.” To elaborate, we should use that information to evolve our creativity in a positive manner whether than assigning a label to it which allows the receiver the take it personally.

Bivens resonates, ” Feedback comes from our trusted instrumentation to help us get back on course.” In other words our destination towards success with feedback isn’t whether you go off course, it’s about how quickly you can get back on course. The three core feedbacks are; a group of people (that you trust), our body and data. To summarize, having a collective group is powerful because you get several different perspectives to help triangulate where you are. Next, our body is constantly giving us feedback. This is simply opening up our awareness to what we feed our body and listening to it. Lastly, data is just a number. It’s us that puts a label on it, internalizes it and takes it personally. Enjoy life and embrace feedback.

Existing vs. Living

This week we would like to focus on existing vs. living in your own life. This is very important because most people don’t use their 24 hours to their advantage. And the difference between the two is how much control you have over your life decisions. Let’s begin with existing. Existing is simply breathing and doing the daily chores. Someone who exists would stay in the same dead-end job for years despite being unsatisfied and unhappy. Their fears have trapped them and they have no plans of getting out. They’ve lost hope and just mindlessly go through the day in order to maintain the status quo. And at the end of the day, it becomes their comfort zone.

To elaborate on the living aspect, it is pure freedom. Living is waking up every morning with a purpose to explore and share your ideas to the world. Once we finally overcome the things we hate, we shall then leap to the things we love. Life will unravel all the opportunities that were going after. In the end, you need to be the one making the decisions for your life. No one should tell you what to do, even your fears and doubts. So please keep this in mind to never exist and to always live. Their is so much more to life than slaving to make the next individual richer. So keep pushing!

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