“Faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to.” — Miracle on 34th Street

Our focus this week is on keeping “faith.” Without faith towards our dream(s), no one would be successful in life’s adventures. Furthermore, we’re all aware that opportunities don’t appear overnight, so us as individuals have to work hard towards our goal(s) even when challenges arise. The persistence and will to drive yourself every day will always overcome barriers and set us another step closer to our dreams.

So when people tell you “no”…KEEP GOING! We are worth more than we know and our time is coming. Also when people laugh at our goals and dreams, let them laugh and KEEP GOING! Because down the road they will be the same ones to regret their decision to laugh at us in our future. To conclude, continue to push yourself to your fullest potential and leave the rest to the man upstairs. 


Consistency creates attention that we desire, enable for our dream(s) to manifest…

Our focus this week is on remaining “consistent” towards our dream. A huge factor to get yourself and your business name into the world is to repeatedly remind your viewers. In other words, consistency makes you relevant, establishes your reputation and maintains your message. We can only grow and gain a following if we continue to push out content daily and this correlates well with our vision catching the viewer’s attention.

The average human attention span has dropped to eight seconds. So while displaying or explaining new collections, inventions and improvements, we must deliver the correct pitch in order for individuals to invest in our dream. In conclusion, promote yourself strategically and give your audience a strong foundation for them to believe in your path to success.


Positive thinking is what draws the greater things in life closer to us…

Our focus this week is on having a “positive” mindset. This doesn’t come naturally since our minds are defaulted to take the easy way out and think negative. Contrary to this, a positive affirmation is always encouraging and it builds our confidence to take on any task in the world. This also draws to “Law of Attraction.” When we think positive towards our actions, we then begin to see that all along the correct people, places and opportunities has formed together like a jigsaw puzzle…it’s meant to be.

We all should want to be our own boss and create our own schedules, so why not put in the effort to make it become reality? Here’s a quote from Tupac, one of the greatest poets/musicians that lived on earth, “if you believe, then you can achieve: just look at me!”

So begin to serve your twenty-four hours with thoughts of positivity and pay attention to what divine intervention unravels throughout your day.  


We need to take risk if we want to fulfill our true happiness…

Our focus this week is on taking “risk.” Growing up in our society, us as individuals often perceive the word risk as a negative connotation. This usually draws from our elders attempting their own risk in the past, but giving up easily because they didn’t have the verbal support from their peers to keep pushing. Also they didn’t have the opportunities that our generation has, so we must fully understand where they’ve came from.

More importantly, we should take the word risk as a positive meaning. By reaching our true happiness, we must think positive on our risk-taking and have faith towards each step. Risk-taking wont only benefit the career-path you’re already on, it may actually open you up to a world of possibilities you have yet to consider. So continue to strive for the things your heart desires and wake up every morning with a positive perspective!  


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Our focus this week is on “mindfulness.” In the state of this meditation, mindfulness helps our bodies perform in a healthy manner. This involves lower stress levels, becoming more physically relaxed with ourselves and peers, and in turn we benefit our circulatory system while increasing the amount of oxygen we absorb through our breathing. On the other hand, being mindful keeps us grounded to live in the moment and remove us from distractions that we constantly visualize throughout our day.

Mindfulness experiences are characterized by removing our ego, this then causes us to lose track of ourselves, completely stop overthinking and experience reality. As one individual has once said, “tomorrow is never promised,” so we must appreciate life and continue to strive for our greater purpose.

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