Our focus this week is on the word “interaction.” Interaction is powerful for every entrepreneur. Our main goal is to satisfy our target market and give them premium customer service right? So the first tool that leads to that is an everlasting positive aura that you and your customers shall feed off of. All companies prosper from allowing their audience to have a trustworthy and memorable experience whenever they’re in the same vicinity. Always place customer service first, because they keep the lights on at night.

On the other hand, even when it isn’t business related, we shall always interact with peers the way we would like to be treated. One minor social can lead to major networking for both parties. Now go show everyone your creative skill set and continue to build a network of talented friends.  


“Were all on the same piano.”
N0 Vacancy Inn

Our focus this week is on the word ‘imperfection’. The meaning behind imperfection is a powerful message because we are always learning. We are all aware that nothing and no one is perfect and that everyone is flawed which makes us unique in our own ways. Creatives should never focus on building the perfect product/ design to showcase or give to the public because there are always going to be opinions from peers and haters. As Heron Preston said, “create and move on” because focusing to long on one idea, will leave you in the dust.

Little do we know, “were all on the same piano.” Some of us are on the minor side while other’s are on the major side. We can either improve on each new design and better ourselves to the 88th key of success or stay complacent and worry about trying to be the perfect human being in an unstructured world. Your choice…  


“Success is nothing if you don’t have the right people to share it with ; you’re just going to end up lonely.” — Selena Gomez 

Our focus this week is on the word ‘share’ - a part or portion of a larger amount that is divided among a number of people, or to which a number of people contribute. Let’s break it down, sharing is an amazing tool that all of us have. If we don’t share our ideas to other individuals, nobody would be successful in our world. More importantly nobody is out here to steal your idea(s). Especially if we all want to build a supportive team around us, we need to allow our peers to contribute or in other words “share the wealth.” 

 When we give out valuable information and imaginative thoughts some people will see your
vision while others are to afraid to visualize the final outcome. And we will never know unless we take the chance to share amongst like-minded people. We can only build a striving business if we share our valuable ideas to the universe and speak it into existence! Now go share and be thankful for the connections you’ll create!  


“It’s not simply the ability to wait — it’s how we behave while were waiting.” — Joyce Meyer

Having patience is a main factor towards our journey on becoming successful. When we lack
patience, everything becomes disorganized and we get distracted from the bigger picture. In addition we begin to rush things and not be satisfied with the final outcome. On the other hand, if we gradually improve each day on our craft and retain our patience during the process, we will be thrilled about that same outcome being created into perfection. 

Patience is a Virtue because you don’t try to cut corners or do things in an unethical way; instead you patiently work things out, do what needs to be done, and make things happen, and the commitment is a testament to your ability to stay with what is right and what will bring you the results you want. This message is clear, not only to yourself, but to everyone around you who watches you exhibit the patience needed to make things turn out successful.  


“Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and identifiable to others.” - Anna Wintour ’

Our focus this week is on ‘create’. It’s important that we must try to create something towards our goals and dreams everyday! This can be as little as a new concept created in the mind or as big as the physical / digital outcome for the final result.

While focusing on the noun, ‘creativity’, it’s a very important skill. The reason it’s important is due to everyone being themselves and thinking outside the box. No one has to follow in anyone else’s footsteps. We can create our own path and mark our own finish line while building checkpoints along the way. So it’s ideal that we use our brain to it’s fullest potential because it is such a power tool.

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