“If you don’t try, you won’t understand”

Our focus this week is on ‘trying’. Before we want to achieve anything in life, we must try to attempt a step towards it first. This is similar to risk-taking but in a more safer way. The reason we must try is to enjoy our continuous learning journey. That’s the only way to improve our knowledge towards the subject were focusing on and mastering our craft to improve our knowledge towards the subject we are working on and mastering out craft to create the best outcomes for the audience. create the best- A» outcomes for our audience. Furthermore remember that we must attempt 100% of our efforts intro ‘trying’ things because if not them you are wasting your precious time.

We all want to become successful, but most people don’t want to grind and try new things. So dig deep in your soul and figure out which life you want to pursue, failure or success? As Kanye West said, “For me givin’ up’s way harder than  

Don’t just go to the Internet

“Don’t just go to the internet.” — Kim Jones

Our focus this week is on ‘internet’. The browser is such an amazing tool for resources, education, tutorials, inspiration and so much more. We use our phones, tablets, or computers to stay up on the latest trends and releases from our favorite fashion houses and streetwear labels. The internet is good for so many things…but not everything. In addition, most times the web can distract us from several things; creation of garments, interaction with the fabrics, the history of our culture and building connections. It’s very important to get hands-on experience with anything in life, because our minds will remember that occurrence forever.

The legendary Kim Jones said, “Go into the book, don’t just google it on the internet. See what‘s on the next page or go and try to find the garment because you’ll see how it‘s made and then you’ll enjoy it more. When your more hands on and creative. It’s exciting.” Let’s get out of our comfort zone and explore first hand rather than staring at a screen 24/7. Then watch how much more we can learn.  

Streetwear is an Art Practice

“Streetwear is an art practice.” — Virgil Abloh

Our focus this week is on ‘streetwear’. Us as the youth can create streetwear in so many forms (whether it’s colors, shapes, sizes, text, print and so much more.) With streetwear there’s no limit to what you can design to excel your creativity to the next level and stand out from the rest. Virgil blends our urban culture with art. Now some might ask… what is art? Well art is what you want it to be. On the other hand, art is a way for people to express themselves and demonstrate their imagination and creativity.

Art allows people to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a visual way. What’s so great about art now is that nobody cares to be the coolest anymore, were all just expressing the way we love to dress and doing it everyday from the heart. This is the reason why streetwear is forever an art practice.     

Breaking the Rules

“Creatively breaking the rules.” — Virgil Abloh

Our focus this week is on ‘creatively breaking the rules’. This day in age we don‘t have to fit into any box; cool kids, geniuses, nerds, celebrity status, etc… The new cool ‘box’ is shattered into millions of pieces that no one is suitable for because were all creative in our dynamic ways. When we speak on creatively breaking the rules, we want to focus respectively on pushing the boundaries to create an exceptional and memorable experience for both the audience and the Visionary. In addition, we always want to intrigue our customers immediately because once they become informed, you will forever be in their recollection.

Please don’t stay in a straight line. Make detours and experience different avenues. Your accidental or purposeful turn can be a reward to improve you as a person and an imaginative. Remember, breaking the rules is the new wave and the best route your business and yourself will stand out in this thriving industry. Throw a lil’flavor on them ideas…


“Information is our crack.”
— Heron Preston

Our focus this week is on the word ‘information’. Information is very crucial on any given day. We need information on everything that is important to us, such things are; food, clothing, shelter, career, relationships, dreams, health, materialistic toys, values and the list goes on forever. Now we must understand that all information isn’t true and that is where the man separates himself from the boys. The man capitalizes on valuable information and takes full advantage of situations to better himself while the boy depreciates key ideas while taking opportunities for granted.

While viewing an interview feature Vigril Abloh and Heron Preston, these two innovators
dropped a lot of knowledge. One of our favorite quotes by Heron Preston was, “Information is our crack.” This spoke deeply into our soul because it is so true if we really take a moment and think about it. No business nor individual strives off lack of information. Our bodies and brains wouldn’t be able to grow and mature without it.

So please continue researching and reading up on your favorites things that brightens your soul and continue to store more and more information each given day.  

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