Our focus this week is on “endurance.” Barely any profound business blows up over night, especially if it‘s fashion oriented. The late nights and early morning workshops are the main core and story-line behind the final outcomes that we display to our audience. That endurance is so important to be documented so people, family and kids know where you‘ve begun and how far you’ve become: we are enduring through our creative ideas and road bumps, we need to believe that we are going to stamp an impact in our field build lifelong relationships with our clients.

An important message from the legendary Rei Kawakubo once said, “This is the rule I always give myself: that nothing can come from a situation that involves being free or that doesn’t involve suffering.” So continue to remain persistent and show the world why you were put on this earth. 

You Are Still Alive

“You Are Still Alive” - Button Poetry

Our focus this week is remembering that, “You are still alive.” While watching this inspirational Video one morning, titled ‘You Are Still Alive’ by Button Poetry Via Facebook, I thought a lot about how people tend to focus on failures and no’s in their life rather than the incremental yes-steps towards success. While building your small business into an empire we must always brush off the small knockdowns because at the end of the day it could have been worse. So since the absolute worst didn’t occur, let’s get back up on our feet, laugh a little, and push harder towards our goal. I promise you one of those doors will be the opportunity the man above has waiting for you.

While we have another twenty-four hours, continue to make the best of it and not let the past discouragements make you quit. Rudy Francisco said, “Tragedy and silence have the exact same address,” so don’t isolate yourself or get angry at the world when something doesn’t go your way. While ‘you are still alive’ remember that you have another chance to accomplish your mission.  


Our focus this week is on the word “interaction.” Interaction is powerful for every entrepreneur. Our main goal is to satisfy our target market and give them premium customer service right? So the first tool that leads to that is an everlasting positive aura that you and your customers shall feed off of. All companies prosper from allowing their audience to have a trustworthy and memorable experience whenever they’re in the same vicinity and that’s how it will always be. We must put customer experience before product because the clothes don’t sell itself. Its the individual explaining the quality of the merchandise which leaves the customer with a positive remark towards your career.

On the other hand, even when it isn’t business related, we shall always interact with peers the way we would like to be treated. One minor social can lead to major networking for both parties. Now go show everyone your creative skill set and continue to build a network of talented friends.  


Our focus this week is on the word “purpose.” Every one of us is working towards something, be it getting through difficult times in life, chasing dreams or bettering ourselves at a hobby or desirable trait. In addition, we all have a sense of purpose; without it we lose our way and become demotivated, which is a great reason to have a friend or relationship partner to uplift your spirits when things don’t go as expected. As for (IOM), we like to focus our brand on inspiring and unleashing creativity in every individual, one person at a time. Whether it‘s inspiring the youth or adults, we love to be the forerunner and take the calculated risk. True happiness comes when you are your own boss.

When you pursue your purpose and work on your high-impact goals, you’ll readily see your life lit with direction and meaning. As opposed to wasting your time in a job you don’t love, now you can work toward a career that better fits your purpose. As opposed to being around people who are not compatible with you / your goals, now you can find like-minded people and hang around them instead. As opposed to living a random existence, now you can create your life of highest meaning. And that, in itself, is magic.  

Growth Over Hype

“Growth over hype” — Calen Raps

Our focus this week is on ‘growth’. When becoming an entrepreneur it’s always best to key in on growth of your business and not the hype surrounding other previous businesses. Growth shows the grind, improvement, quality, premium service and satisfaction to each and every individual you are involved with. More importantly, the youth and other diligent entrepreneurs will look at your career as inspiration and ambition.

Growth is an eternity process while hype has the chance to die down and never been resurrected. We are forever learning and growing towards our dreams so continue to be patient and strategically plan to execute your goals.    

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