Create Your Own Style

Sorry for the minor delay of our weekly newsletter but we have been caught up with new constructive projects and got side tracked (0_0). But we are excited to issue are next newsletter :) This week we would like to focus on “creating your own style.” The fashion connoisseur Anna Wintour stated, “Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” That last sentence is very important because we all have unique styles from punk, streetwear, formal, business casual and the list goes on, but how we adapt it to our own culture is what really sets us apart while still being equal. Some people like to mix different cultures with one another while others like to keep it simple. No matter how we prepare ourselves for the world by the way we dress, we must understand that our garments showcases our character.

Nobody should want to be in a saturated market. It’s always best to stand out from the rest and have confidence in your style. Remember when something new occurs most people usually laugh in the beginning but then end up imitating the same thing they laughed at. Our team is here to stand out. We love to create cool ass clothes and care less if it doesn’t fit into the norm of practicality. There’s a market for both and we want to dip our feet into both arenas. When creating understand that your options are unlimited and break out of any box society tries to fit you in.Believe in your creativity and follow your heart.

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