Become What You Think About

This week we would like to focus on ‘becoming what we think about.’ What we think about most of the time and what sets us free are the exact things that brings us energy. So if everything is energy, and you are sending your vibrations in the universe, you get back what you send out there. If you are only thinking about that which you want to have in your life, if you are only thinking about what you need, you will send your energy into the universe and you will start attracting all the wonderful things, all the wonderful situations and people that will help you get there, that will help you achieve your dreams and goals. It is a law, just like the law of gravitation, we got the law of attraction. Like attracts like. What you think about expands.

Whatever we think about, negative or positive, the universe is shaping the world in your favor to grant your wishes (thoughts). So why not let it be good outcomes most of the time? If not all the time. Controlling the mind is like a muscle we have to keep training and strengthen to eliminate the ill thoughts we build up and reverse them in a manner that is beneficial to us. If you owe bills, be thankful that you have the funds to pay it off. If you want something new, be grateful for the things that got you to where you are now and take action towards new opportunities. If you have trouble with relationships, be understandable about all the things you’ve learned and matured from. Hone in on your daily thoughts and point them in a new direction that will benefit you in anyway possible. Its not an easy step, but it’ll definitely be worth it at the end.Regards,

Unwinding the Mind

This week we would like to focus on ‘consistent ideas by unwinding the mind.” New ideas have always been the foundation on keeping every business alive so we must treat our body and minds with respect when creating a legacy. This is done by taking breaks between projects by unwinding and focusing on something much less strenuous; vacationing, reading, watching tv/movies, exercising, or deep diving into music. Sometimes we take on that frantic “must grind every day” or “team no sleep” mindset and completely forget that one of the most important parts of being productive effectively is giving our bodies time to recover. These days rest is considered indulgent, and most people (including us) feel guilty at the thought of taking a minute or day just to do nothing. We have embedded this sense of failure from peers and strangers when taking a break from our daily routine, which is wrong.  Resting envisions new possibilities to the world. Our world is ran by calm and collective mindsets that brings out new ideas consistently from technology, textile, science, construction and much more. We would be fooled to believe that our favorite brands have built an empire from sleepless minds.

Reading, walking, biking and any kind of mobility is just as productive as putting in countless hours into a project. Having the knowledge to realize that the birth of your five-star idea came from an act of relaxing/mobility will always keep you pushing forward. Feed the mind everyday with mini activities to keep it healthy and at the top of its game. Unwinding will always keep you dishing out new ideas to the world. And with a team of individuals on this level of yours, there is no limit to what you can conquer. Remember that resting never means quitting.

Social Media Breaks

This week we would like to focus on taking “social media breaks.” Everyone understands that social media is both a positive and negative source of communication, but most of our society tends to lean on the bad scale of things. Our reliance on social media can have a detrimental effect on our mental health. Furthermore using them too frequently can make you feel increasingly unhappy and isolated in the long run. Becoming more conscious of the amount of time you spend scrolling through other people’s online profiles could help you focus more on yourself and boost your self-confidence. Equally importantly, it helps the individual be more active than reactive. Being more active during your twenty-four hours allows you to achieve your goals in life, and strive on living a successful lifestyle.

Addiction is a big problem on social media and most of this mainly comes from our Notification Center. Like most of us, you would probably benefit from a “digital detox,” a strategy to force you to reduce the amount of time spent on social media. This can be achieved through a few basic steps such as turning off the sound function on your phone, only allowing yourself to check your phone every hour or so, and dedicating periods in the day as self-imposed no-screen time. While there is no permanent way to cure addiction, we must use this tool at our own risk. But what if policymakers, social media operators, employers, researchers, health care providers and educational establishments all played their part in reducing excessive use of social media? Our world may be completely different.

Create Your Own Style

Sorry for the minor delay of our weekly newsletter but we have been caught up with new constructive projects and got side tracked (0_0). But we are excited to issue are next newsletter :) This week we would like to focus on “creating your own style.” The fashion connoisseur Anna Wintour stated, “Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” That last sentence is very important because we all have unique styles from punk, streetwear, formal, business casual and the list goes on, but how we adapt it to our own culture is what really sets us apart while still being equal. Some people like to mix different cultures with one another while others like to keep it simple. No matter how we prepare ourselves for the world by the way we dress, we must understand that our garments showcases our character.

Nobody should want to be in a saturated market. It’s always best to stand out from the rest and have confidence in your style. Remember when something new occurs most people usually laugh in the beginning but then end up imitating the same thing they laughed at. Our team is here to stand out. We love to create cool ass clothes and care less if it doesn’t fit into the norm of practicality. There’s a market for both and we want to dip our feet into both arenas. When creating understand that your options are unlimited and break out of any box society tries to fit you in.Believe in your creativity and follow your heart.

Brand > Product

This week we would like to focus on why the brand is more important than the product. Products can become obsolete but brands can be timeless. Every product has their life cycle, when come to the final stage of the product, the new product will then replace, however brands can be timeless. Coca-Cola, Apple, and Ralph Lauren, to name a few, have sustained for so many years, and these companies are still making profit, which proves that brands are timeless. In simple words, products can be instantly meaningful, but brands become meaningful over time. A successful brand plan starts with a vision, ideas about what the brand should represent or symbolize. The plan should also include a mission and a specific plan-of-attack that helps launch the brand. Next are goals, things you want the brand to achieve, followed by strategies that provide a road map on how to get there.

One person today who understands the emotional aspect of branding better than most is Elon Musk. With his Tesla Motors, Space X rockets and Solar City energy company, Musk doesn’t have customers, he has followers. Known as a maverick and creative genius, Musk has successfully branded himself as a globe-trotting entrepreneur who’s out to save the world by inventing brilliant products and machines that are environmentally friendly. Now we all aren’t saving the world, but having the knowledge to create a groundbreaking story behind your business will have you building a legacy in the long-run.

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